Thursday, May 7

New entry point for all the different motion lifestyle projects!

Given the family project has reached the level from a new lifestyle ;-), I've decided to document the different projects built on the 6DOF platform on a separate page, so everyone can follow based on interests

Last parts arrived for the C-172 G1000 Cockpit!

Yes! Now I can go into the last project phase from the C-172 Cockpit:
Louie from DIYrealism made this fantastic parts for me:
... so soon I will have couple of more lights in my cockpit :-)


Prototype 2.0....

Trainee from Wibilea with a fresh produced bolt for the Prototype 2.0!

Tuesday, February 17

Night Sledding - In the living room!!!!

Taking all the puzzle pieces together, I'm able now to replay recorded motion-videos on the platform....