Thursday, May 7

New entry point for all the different motion lifestyle projects!

Given the family project has reached the level from a new lifestyle ;-), I've decided to document the different projects built on the 6DOF platform on a separate page, so everyone can follow based on interests

Last parts arrived for the C-172 G1000 Cockpit!

Yes! Now I can go into the last project phase from the C-172 Cockpit:
Louie from DIYrealism made this fantastic parts for me:
... so soon I will have couple of more lights in my cockpit :-)


Prototype 2.0....

Trainee from Wibilea with a fresh produced bolt for the Prototype 2.0!

Tuesday, February 17

Night Sledding - In the living room!!!!

Taking all the puzzle pieces together, I'm able now to replay recorded motion-videos on the platform....

Monday, February 9

Motion on the Yoke...

Got finally my Iris Dynamics Yoke ... mounted a Saitek Cessna Handle ...

Monday, January 26

Test Desk Environment....

My little McGiver (10 years) has school holidays and used the free time to built for me a little desk-test-environment with STOKYS.
Awesome once more how flexible the Thanos Board is:
Plug-in-and-play a Pololu Micro Serial Servo Controller!

Tuesday, January 20

Realtime Sensor Data .....

Able to send now real-time 6 DOF sensor data via my BFF bridge to BFF and from there to the Thanos Board :-)

Friday, January 2


Making progress with Thanos-Board Configurator :-)
It simplyfies PID tunning, allows to configure the board directly from the PC, manages several profiles and has an oscilloscpe to display sensor signals

Going to the limits with DIRT 3 ...

... and also at 3 AM Tony hasn't stopped driving :-)

Tested Ian's BFF with LFS - that IS awesome!

No doubts: Ian's BFF got Surge, Sway and Yaw cue out of the gate in such a great quality that 6DOF became a must! 

Happy New Year !!!!

Tim completed his Drone and successfully tested it in the air... 
... motions arriving on the ground...
... still looking how to send the motions to the platform.... hoping to find a way how to use Ian's BFF or x-Sim...

That would be real flying ... almost... whereas really real is still different :-)