Sunday, April 27

Fine tuning VDF Setup

  • Added PTC to the entire wiring allowing to switch of the motor if overheatened.
  • Added plugs for each connection and cable-lock allowing to "pack" entire setup into the box for transportation:
  • Test setup with one Motor using BFF software (still waiting for the other 5 motors). BFF is great! It also allows to control each actor directly manually (very nice to adjustments):

Monday, April 21

VDF configuration

VDF user guide is here...
The motors have built-in PTC as well the VDF's do have a thermal overload protection port.  Based on that, I will use "Digital Input Configuration Parameter P1‐13 == 16.
For now I don't have the PTC's connected, using therefore P1‐13 == 15:

Emegency-Stop Button is connected to "STO" wiring, whereas I'm using the same 24 V source like for the Thanos board.

Based on recommendation from the VDF account manager (EMZ-Unitec AG) I've also boutgh an "OptiStick", fantastic toy from which I can fetch entire config into the stick, and push it from the stick to a VDF (what makes it very smooth to configure all 6 VDF's).
In addtion the stick also acts as a Bluethooth device, which allows to connect from the PC to the VDF and back up the config, push-config as well doing a firmware upgrade (Latter I've just successfully did as one of the VDF was running an old firmware):


Wired entire setup and created the remaning 5 position sensor mounting with fantastic help from the kids :-)


Saturday, April 12

Cabling and testing Thanos's Board...

Received yesterday the board from Thanos.... a great start into the weekend :-)

What a great board! Real plug-in and play! And I'm amazing impressed about the huge feature set built into it that toy! Looks like years of professional engineering with all the needed details.

Tested x-Sim and also BFF from Ian. Works like a charm. Ready now to proceed with the next project steps...

Short impression from the first test (Sensor position isn't correct yet on the video):

Wednesday, April 9

Cockpit dimension

Cockpit dimension from a C-172 from our flight club

Joint heads and Cables

Found super quality and cheap "joint head" from (up to 30 degrees tilt angle).

For the 3 phase & PE & shield, using now cable plugs which are normally used for "vertical slat motors" (Meeting electrical requirements and because widle used not so expensive)