Monday, April 21

VDF configuration

VDF user guide is here...
The motors have built-in PTC as well the VDF's do have a thermal overload protection port.  Based on that, I will use "Digital Input Configuration Parameter P1‐13 == 16.
For now I don't have the PTC's connected, using therefore P1‐13 == 15:

Emegency-Stop Button is connected to "STO" wiring, whereas I'm using the same 24 V source like for the Thanos board.

Based on recommendation from the VDF account manager (EMZ-Unitec AG) I've also boutgh an "OptiStick", fantastic toy from which I can fetch entire config into the stick, and push it from the stick to a VDF (what makes it very smooth to configure all 6 VDF's).
In addtion the stick also acts as a Bluethooth device, which allows to connect from the PC to the VDF and back up the config, push-config as well doing a firmware upgrade (Latter I've just successfully did as one of the VDF was running an old firmware):

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