Friday, January 2

Going to the limits with DIRT 3 ...

... and also at 3 AM Tony hasn't stopped driving :-)

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  1. hi,
    with reading your tests I did many comparative tests.
    Put ramp 0.5 is very bad for the effects, it removes 50% of small effects and that smooth, greatly effects in general.
    I advise you to etter 0.0 ramp or a maximum 0.1 /0.2

    I advise you to speed up and ramp to 0, then the effects values must be adjusted it will be unique and much better.

    you'll be able to look at my comparative videos, I already do the tests, 0.0 and 0.5 ramp

    you are 100% of your speed. 19 rpm?
    on AMC motor speed 100%?