Monday, February 9

Motion on the Yoke...

Got finally my Iris Dynamics Yoke ... mounted a Saitek Cessna Handle ...


  1. Hi Fabi! I also bought a Iris yoke, and am wanting to change the yoke to the Saitek Cessna model. I have the Saitek Cessna yoke available, but was hoping you might could share the details of how you did the conversion?
    Are all the switches on the Cessna yoke working correcly? Hat switch?

  2. Hello BooDaddy
    Iris has a nice description on their "schema" from in the yoke (maybe best if you reach out to Pat).
    I've modified the Saitek to have same buttons on the left side from the yoke like in a real C-172 G1000 and therefore removed the hat switch from the yoke left/right handle and added Iris hat switch in the middle of the yoke just above the little hole I made for the LED.
    Hope that helps