Thursday, December 25

Real Cessna Throttle and Mixture ...

Thanks to Martin Feist giving the right pointers and guidance, Vansaircraft for the HW and Lars for the assembling!

I'm using follow components:
- Throttle & Mixture including the long cables from a real Cessna.
- There I'm using 10k Ohms potentiometers sliders like they are used in sound mixers
- Joystick Board:

1. The long cables have a screw thread at the end --> Simple to connect with the potentiometers
2. Connect the potentiometers to one of the analog inputs with true 12-bit resolution from the Joystick Board. Check here:

--> After that, your mixture and throttle appear like a regular joystick

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  1. Hi, what is the potentiometer lengh and where did you buy it?