Tuesday, March 25

Project steps:

  1. Wood modle to get an idea of the dimensions [completed]
  2. Testing 1 Motor with VDF [completed]
  3. 6 x Arms for the motors [completed]
  4. 6 x Poti connection to the motors [completed]
  5. Testing 1 Motor with Board from Thanos and BBF and xSIM [completed]
  6. Buying the 5 other motors [Ordered, VDF's"Optidrive P2" recieved]
  7. Wiring the setup [completed]
  8. Building 6 rods with joint head [rods material ordered]
  9. Fix all motors on wood blocks (easy to adjust and tune) to figure out best dimensions for the platform base, using the wood triangle. [Woodblocks produced]
  10. Building the platform base and triangle
  11. Collecting seat/window/throttle/yoke positions dimension from the C-172 [Completet]
  12. Building the seat and montior construction

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